Brittany Kimmell

  • Runs on Coffee 100%
  • Gets Bathroom Breaks Without an Audience 15%
  • Gets 8 Hours of Sleep per Night 5%
  • 3-year-old Redhead Rules Her Life 95%
  • Has Her Sh*t Together 15%
  • “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Mentality 60%
  • Runs Her Oil Biz Without Interuptions 1%
  • Has The Perfect Meme For Any Occasion 75%

” I believe our bodies were beautifully designed by our Creator to be vibrant, thriving, and self-healing. When we are living up to our highest potential, we offer our families a gift … a light … a blessing. We are doing them an injustice by being mediocre.”

My name is Brittany. I am married to my husband Brad and we have 3 girls together. Gabby is 13 and is the perfect model of what a “good” child is (please don’t tell her this!) Our middle child is 5. She is highly sensitive and most likely has a photographic memory. She taught herself the alphabet. Our youngest is 3 and has a temper to match her hair (hint: it’s RED!). She is the reason I started my essential oil journey. I should probably thank her, but it was such a rough time in my life.

I had postpartum depression after each of my deliveries. Some bouts were more severe than others. I went to two different doctors, all of which told me that this was “normal”. I knew that if I was ever going to get better, I would have to start being my own healthcare advocate.

The science behind essential oils is what drew me to them. This wasn’t some “hocus pocus” stuff- this was scientifically studied and backed. My degree is in Science, so this really appealed to me. (Where are my science nerds at? Holla!) And so, I dove head first into essential oils, getting exposure to them from a fellow dental hygienist. Yep, I also clean teeth for a living.

To my surprise- they worked! They worked on so many issues we were having! I was able to take back control over our health. I had a solution for everything my kids (and husband!) threw my way. I noticed we were staying healthy while everyone else was getting sick. We were sleeping again (hallelujah!). We were throwing out synthetics left and right that no longer served a purpose in our house!

“I envision a world where mothers are thriving and tossing joy and abundance around like confetti. I want to empower every mother I come in contact with to have the knowledge and power to take care of her family in a safe and natural way. This is why I do what I do.”

Katie Landstrom

A fellow dental hygienist & essential oil lover, Katie would much rather spend all of her time outside on the farm where her & her husband live as simple of a life as they can; always giving thanks to God. The farm is home to horses, dogs, cats, honeybees, chickens, & guineas. She has a large organic garden & they preserve as much of their food as the plants produce. It’s better to know exactly what’s in your food than taking chances buying it off of a shelf! Katie cooks most of their meals from scratch – no boxes or cans in their home!

Both Katie & her husband enjoy lifting weights in the winter months, there’s too much to do outside in the summers!

Katie started using essential oils when she started learning how many chemicals are in our everyday lives from cleaning products to “health” & beauty products. She makes as many DIY replacements she can using dōTERRA essential oils. Now she’s seeing the health benefits & the piggy bank isn’t so skinny because of the over-priced store bought items! The ever expanding list includes: dryer sheets, room sprays, make up remover, body lotion, soap, shampoo & conditioner, bug spray, deodorant, toothpaste, bathtub cleaner, & face moisturizer.

Katie uses lavender on her horse to calm him down before riding & uses TerraShield in place of fly spray. The chickens get rosemary & marjoram in their water.

Their friends always refer to them as the “almost Amish” couple & they take that as a compliment! Check out her website here.

  • She Needs Another Horse In Her Life 40%
  • Woman of God 100%
  • Grows All of Her Own Produce 80%
  • Muscle Mass 90%
  • Dental Hygienist of The Year 80%
  • Clean Freak 90%
  • Friend To Frogs 1%

Erin Frankenberger

  • Is up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness 55%
  • Works a full time job in my pj’s 75%
  • Spent 13 years in Fargo- ya’ you betcha! 30%
  • Could be considered a cat whisperer 15%
  • Travels the world and the seven seas 95%
  • Self proclaimed nerd/geek 90%
  • Cash me outside howbow dah?! 2%

About Erin- coming soon!

Angie Overton

About Angie- coming soon!

Amy Walters

About Amy- coming soon!

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