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Oh, Mama – are you too legit to commit? You and I have a TON of stuff to discuss…

Essential Oils 303 (Commitment-Phobes Only!)

In this 60-minute class, you will learn:


More Than An Essential Oil Company

Chances are that you’ve tried a dōTERRA product before. But have you heard about all of their philanthropic efforts this company puts in time and time again?


Let's Geek Out Together

Lets talk about the science behind why these oils work for your body, mind and soul. There’s so much research centered around dōTERRA essential oils, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


The Loyalty Rewards Program

Think oils are expensive? You won’t anymore! This is the best rewards program I have ever seen – you’ll save nearly 55% off of retail prices on all of your purchases with this program.


Pay For Your Oil Habit

When you fall in love with these oils (like I know you will!) you will naturally start telling everybody that you know. And the cool thing about that? dōTERRA will pay you for your efforts.

Craving more information?

Keep Learning

Visit the Emowered Life Series to learn more information about essential oils. There are a ton of topics like “Mothers & Babies, “Women’s Health”, “Immune & Respiratory Health”, and much more!


EO Safety

Interested in learning how to safely use dōTERRA essential oils for your entire family (everyone from newborns to pregnant women to animals)? Click here for all of the best safety practices and modes of application.

Become a Groupie

Join my facebook group! This is an easy way to stay up-to-date on all things essenital oil related. In this group, you can learn about oils at your own pace. I hold giveaways and special promotions in this group as well!

Schedule a Consult

Set up an appointment to go over all of your health concerns. This will help identify what oils are a top priority. This won’t be a “high pressure” sales call. I won’t even mention buying unless you bring it up! You can do that right here.

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